EnergyLogic Company Overview

EnergyLogic is Colorado’s leading provider of home energy efficiency and conservation services.

Our company has had a role in improving over 10,000 new homes in Colorado. We’ve also helped homeowners all along the Front Range improve the homes they live in. We help builders and homeowners stop wasting and start saving. EnergyLogic does this by offering the best energy auditing and energy rating services that are available today.

Our vision is a future in which all homes have the least possible impact on the Earth. We are part of the builder’s team and we are the homeowner’s advocate to achieve this goal.

EnergyLogic is a rapidly growing, progressive company filled with passionate, committed staff members. We strive to eliminate mediocrity and to listen carefully to our clients.

Our Mission

Vision: EnergyLogic envisions a future in which all homes have the least possible impact on the Earth.
Cause: EnergyLogic is part of creating houses that are resource-efficient, healthy and durable.

Guiding Principles:

  • We welcome diversity — of people and opinion.
  • We respect team members and treat each person fairly.
  • We listen to our clients and to each other.
  • We question assumptions and consider alternatives.
  • We dare to be different, to fight mediocrity.
  • We believe that ideas come from everywhere.
  • We take measured risks, allowing “noble” failure.
  • We see our client’s problems as our opportunities.
  • We work to foster affordability for homeowners.
  • We do the maximum to save the Earth’s resources.
  • We maintain our independence; information is our product.
  • We believe that all of our actions must be fiscally responsible.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of making our organization as strong as it is today.